Andy Kehoe
March of the ExiledOld Enemies Reconcile UnseenThe Wandering of the WickedYouth Waits Its DaySolace in the UnknownHumanity ReturnsDesolation Afflicts the Greedy-HeartedShared SolitudeHope in the FutureDecomposerDecay Nurtures Life AnewBeacon for Wayward SoulsBe Wary of the Dark PlacesA Greeting of the UnspokenAmongst the FantasticA Beacon Waits in the StillnessWhen the Last Leaf FallsPassing Forests Bring Unlikely CompanionsThe Unseen Gather in SecretWelcoming the Young and InnocentMeeting of EldersKeeper of the BeaconsTruth is Found in the Whispering of the DeadGood William and the Eye of the DeadA Fresh Soul in the Murderous WakeBidding Farewell to the Old and PassingLoneliness of the Lost at SeaGrief and GloryDark Spirits Watch Over the WickedIdeas FlourishMurder in the MistReunion of Old FriendsSongs of the DeadSpirit MotherThe SeerTouch is a MemoryVisit From the Spirit of Dead Forests