Andy Kehoe
Lord of GhoulsAll Turns to BrillianceOn the Banks of Broken WorldsBring Forth the Tides of NightAncient Denizen of Peaks ForgottenDark and Light Radiate the NightGhoul of the Forest DeepGhoul of the Hidden PeaksA Fading FarewellAffinity to Unfamiliar WorldsHaunting InterludeValley of the Rambling WraithCrown of Other LandsOne With the ExpanseThe Gaze of a GatewayForever My FellowGreat Heights of the Young DreamersKrampus in the WildUnder the Gaze of the GloriousChance Meeting of Forest DragonsRevel in the Wild JoyHail the Dark WonderMysterious Attraction to the UnseenExodus of YouthA Moment of RespiteRoamer of ReverieDark DrifterEthereal WanderlustGoodness Departs the Hateful HostFlight of the UprightVessel of VenomForest ElderEven Fiends Need FriendsLost in the VoidAnxiety in the Face of GrandnessKing of the HermitsTranquility of the Reluse
Paintings best enjoyed with smile on face and bourbon in non-mouse hand. When possible, fill room with the smell of burnt gun powder and bacon. At least four gas lanterns recommended for lighting. Legs can either be crossed or uncrossed. Remove Shoes.

Thank you.